Treats Palace! is a catering company which is running since 2009

From its humble beginnings , we have tried our utmost to improve in every way to meet each and every clients needs.

We started off from a small home based industry dealing with savouries and the selling of meat products.

As the years went by, we began the tedious task of daily meals to relieve our many customers of their burden of cooking after an exhausting day at work, whether corporate or at home.

Today, we take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients for the great support in making us what we are today. While we have a long way still ahead, nothing would be possible without your constant support and constructive criticism.

Treats Palace! prepares all meals themselves with nothing outsourced. Everything is strictly halaal and prepared freshly by the owners themselves as we realise that this is the only way to guarantee a ‘taste of quality’.

We hope to continue for many many more years successfully with you by our side.

We cater for as little as a single persons single meal upto 500 people.

We cater for the home, for events, functions, corporate, hotels, event companies, wedding venues and soooo much more.

we can’t wait to hear about your next event.. Because we are passionate about what we do….

Previously known as D-VINE TREATS!(EASTRAND)… trading as TREATS PALACE! since 2017

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